Book Review: Of Spice and Men by Sarah Fox

Of Spice and Men: A Pancake House Mystery
By Sarah Fox
Genre: Mystery

With a Hollywood film crew in town to shoot a remake of the horror classic The Perishing, the residents of Wildwood Cove are all abuzz. Even Marley McKinney, owner of The Flip Side Pancake House, can overlook the fact that the lead actress, Alyssa Jayde, happens to be an old flame of her boyfriend. After all, the crew loves Marley’s crêpes—so much so that Christine, the head makeup artist, invites her onset for a behind-the-scenes tour. But when Marley arrives, the special-effects trailer is on fire . . . with Christine inside.

The cops quickly rule Christine’s death a murder, and Alyssa a suspect. Marley’s boyfriend insists that the actress is innocent, but when Marley sticks her nose into the complicated lives of The Perishing’s cast and crew, she discovers more questions than answers. It seems that everyone has a hidden agenda—and a plausible motive. And as the horror spills over from the silver screen, …

A Review of Barbra Streisand on the Couch by Alma Bond, Ph.D.

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Barbra Streisand on the Couch
By Alma Bond, Ph.D.

Publisher: Bancroft Press (Oct 1, 2017)
Category: Literary Fiction, Celebrities, Barbra Streisand
Tour dates: Oct/Nov, 2017
ISBN: 978-1-61088-211-8
Available in Print, 308 pages

About the book:
We all know Barbra, the star, but how well do we know Barbra, the woman? In the latest installment of my On the Couch series, Dr. Darcy Dale…

Paxil and Prayer

It's been a year. A year since the depression and panic attacks I've had off and on since I was a teenager  came back. And boy, did they come back with a vengeance.
"Hey Lisa, did ya miss us?"
"Uh. No."

My life can be stressful at times, trying to work and trying to help family members. Usually I handle it pretty well. But a perfect storm of BAD STUFF kept happening- a car accident, job loss, an unexpected death of a close friend.

The night my husband and I found out our friend had passed away is the night I had my first panic attack in about 10 years. I had instances where panic attacks would want to bubble up but I was able to control them. Not this time. They were making up for being kept down so long. It actually wasn't panic attacks, it was more of a continuous onslaught. Then the depression set in. Yay!

My husband, whom I help care for took care of me. I clung to him. He took me for car rides because they'd temporarily calm me down. He'd l…

A Review and Giveaway Too of Ashes by Steven Manchester

Ashes by Steven Manchester
Book Details
Genre: Fiction
Published by: The Story Plant
Publication Date: February 21st 2017
Number of Pages: 260

Purchase Links:
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Middle-aged brothers Jason and Tom Prendergast thought they were completely done with each other. Perceived betrayal had burned the bridge between them, tossing them into the icy river of estrangement. But life – and death – has a robust sense of irony, and when they learn that their cruel father has died and made his final request that they travel together across the country to spread his ashes, they have no choice but to spend a long, long car trip in each other's company. It's either that or lose out on the contents of the envelope he's left with his lawyer. The trip will be as gu…

I Don't Understand Grunts

(Image courtesy of

 My  husband has dystonia. I usually describe it as being similiar to Parkinson's Disease. He has trouble moving and on a rainy, yucky day like today his movements get even slower. Luckier, I was here and was able to pop some pills in him.
 We have our own way of communicating. He grunts. Usually he gets his message across but for some reason today my mind and body didn't want to work.
"Can you move?", I asked.
" Rye wront  know."
"Do you need a pill?"
He manages to shrug his shoulders.
"I'm giving you a pill."
"Do you have water?"
"Sorry. I don't understand grunts."
He doesn't. I get him some.
I give him one pill. I go to give him more and in a sequence of tongue clicks, eye blinks, and lots of uhhhs- he gets the message conveyed.
 It takes just a few minutes for him to start moving again. For the mos…

The Holy Grail of Hardware Stores

My husband had a doctor's appointment a few days ago and afterwards I asked him if he wanted to go anywhere else. He wasn't sure and then I reminded him that a new hardware store was open.
"Ooh. Let's go there", he exclaimed.
Cause, ya know, tools are da bomb.
So my first impression was that it was shiny and that most of the things in there I had no clue what they were. But the husband was happy.
"What's this?", I asked.
"It's a wrench."
"Oh. I just liked it cause it's the color of The Hulk."
Then he started explaining some thingabobby to me:
"Yeah. I don't really know what you're saying but that's ok. I'm tired. I think I'm gonna sit down."
"Can you sit in it or is it on display?"
"Uh. I'm gonna sit in it. I'll tell em I'm trying it out."
"Oh. It has a tray."
"Ooh. An armrest."
"I think that's to set drinks on."…

A Review of My Darling Dorothy by Jo Virden

My Darling Dorothy By Jo Burden Historical Romance 398 pages

The bundle of old letters, carefully tied with a blue ribbon, that Jo Virden discovered among some dusty boxes in her mother’s basement held a mystery: Who were the young soldiers whose letters her mother had saved all these years, and what happened to them?
Based on these very letters from the era,My Darling Dorothy is a timeless love story that transcends both hard times and the brutal impact of war. The tumult of the Great Depression and World War II provides the background for a novel about three young people; Tommie, Jack and Dorothy and their challenges, struggles, defeats and triumphs. Tommie struggles to survive the Bataan Death March in the fall of 1941, clinging to his dream of a gratifying future with Dorothy as his bride. On the frontlines of the European Theatre, Jack experiences the horrors of endless battle. Dorothy, caught between the two, works to maintain her dream of a life beyond small-town Nebraska. The h…