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Good Riddance Day

Today in Times Square people gathered for Good Riddance Day- a day for getting rid of your worst memory from 2011. All I can say is if I had went I'd have to moved up there because I would have been a long time choosing. The thought of symbolically getting rid of bad memories is an interesting idea; but I'm of the school of thought that bad experiences are ultimately a good thing. Of course, I didn't enjoy having cruddy things happen to me but once they were over I found I learned more from the bad than from the good. They're character builders and I am one who has A LOT of character. And for that I'm thankful.

On another note, I recently read a blog post by Laura Lippman on one word resolutions for the New Year. Now usually my only resolution is not to make any resolutions but her post intrigued me. So I decided my one word resolution for 2012 would be temperance. No sillies, I don't drink too fact I should probably drink more. My problem is I need to…

The Common Sense Test

When walking in my grandparents' house from taking my grandfather to the doctor I found the aide in the kitchen on her cell phone and my grandmother by herself in the living room. According to Cille and Mom this is an ongoing thing. So...I made a phone call and this is how it went:
Me: Hi, I just found your aide in the kitchen on her cell phone and my grandmother alone. Does she supposed to even have a cell phone with her? My grandmother can't be left a lone...what if she had tried to get up and fell?
Personal care agency: You mean your grandmother can't be left alone at all, so the aide can't leave the room at all?
Me: She has to leave the room to do some things I just don't want her talking on the freakin' cell phone while she's here. You do know my grandmother's a fall risk?
Agency: Yes, we do.
Me: Well how well can you watch someone when you're either talking on the phone or texting?
Personal care agency: I'm just trying to clarify, you know…

Hide Your Poli-Grip!

As I was taking a wheelchair out of the store to take to my grandmother I noticed a sign not to take wheelchairs or scooters outside. Well, being one to not follow rules I started out the door with it...and all of a sudden heard "BEEPBEEPBEEP!" I understand they might be afraid of the chairs getting stolen, but it was a fairly big wheelchair with a metal bar attached to it. It's not like we could stuff one in the trunk or something. Yes, that's right folks- Beware of Mamaw Cille the Wheelchair Bandit and her two nefarious sidekicks Glenda the Bad Witch and The Book Worm! They strike fear into the hearts of pharmacies and medical supply stores everywhere. Mwahahahaahhaha, hide your walkers, hide your canes, hide your Poli-grip and hide your Ben-gay!

My Soapbox

I'm going to get on my soapbox for a few minutes. I'm sorry if my opinion offends anyone but oh well. I see certain phrases that facebook users can "like". I've used this feature myself. There are some of these phrases concerning welfare or food stamps, basically they're making statements about the lazy, welfare riders of our society. It's true there are some people who take advantage of the entitlement programs. They know the laws better than the people working at the social welfare agencies. These are the people that want something for nothing and therefore take advantage of every program out there. These people, however, are in the minority. When you talk about welfare reform and you're getting tired of others sitting on their backsides taking tax dollars off of hardworking people the majority of the ones you're speaking of need it, worked for it, and therefore deserve it. It's true the entitlement system is broken,it needs to …

It's All Generic

After Dad's doctor appointment I made an off hand comment that my brother and I need to keep adding to the list of medical conditions our family has. Dad's response: "Well, things like cancer, diabetes, etc. is gonna happen. It's all generic."
Me: "I think that's genetic, Dad."
Dad: "Whatever. But it is."

Turn Those Chipmunks Up!

On the way to Camp Bethel to look at Christmas lights- Alvin and the Chipmunks "Christmastime is Here" came on the radio-My Dad said,  "Lisa, turn that up. That's what I'm wanting to hear." (Who knew?) Chipmunks:"Christmas, Christmas time is here..." Mom: "ALVIN!" Dad: "Hush! I'm listening to the song." "Time for joy and time for cheer..." Mom: "ALVIN!"
Dad: "I want to listen to the song!" "Simon wants a loop de loop, or whatever the heck they're saying..." Mom: "ALVIN!"... FUN TRIP.