Hide Your Poli-Grip!

As I was taking a wheelchair out of the store to take to my grandmother I noticed a sign not to take wheelchairs or scooters outside. Well, being one to not follow rules I started out the door with it...and all of a sudden heard "BEEPBEEPBEEP!" I understand they might be afraid of the chairs getting stolen, but it was a fairly big wheelchair with a metal bar attached to it. It's not like we could stuff one in the trunk or something. Yes, that's right folks- Beware of Mamaw Cille the Wheelchair Bandit and her two nefarious sidekicks Glenda the Bad Witch and The Book Worm! They strike fear into the hearts of pharmacies and medical supply stores everywhere. Mwahahahaahhaha, hide your walkers, hide your canes, hide your Poli-grip and hide your Ben-gay!


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