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I Forgot The Jelly

Dad to the tech before and during his ultrasound yesterday- "I was going to being my own jelly but I forgot it. I've lost weight (while poking out his stomach) so everything should be easy to see. I also cleaned out my belly button for you."

Meanwhile I'm sitting in the corner trying to hide muttering "good grief" under my breath every few seconds.

Pee In a Bag

At a lab where Scott and Dad were getting blood work:
Dad: Look that lady's got a jar in a ziplock bag. Does that supposed to keep it fresh? I wouldn't wanna put my sammich in one of those.
They said I could bring my jar back Thursday cause I didn't wanna walk where everyone could see it. I'm gonna put it in a paper bag and write Pee in a Bag or Larry's Lunch on it when I bring it back.

The Enchanted Mop

My grandfather has a tendency to leave the back door unlocked. He did that this afternoon and I locked it back for fear a booger would come in. The Husband asked, " Isn't Bobo out there?"
" No, I don't see him.", I said.
"Then why is the mop moving?"
"It's enchanted."