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Mama Done Run Off

My Mom has a tendency to leave and not tell anyone where she is going. Today she left out early and is still not husband and I were discussing this habit of hers:
" Where could she be?", asked Dear Husband.
" I don't know where she is. She might have been kidnapped by some Deliverance hillbillies and they took her to the woods and made her their woman or something.", I said.
"And they got her fetching water, toting firewood, and tuning their banjers.", he said.

Book Review of Due Date By Nancy W. Wood

Due Date by Nancy W. Wood

File Size: 701 KB
Print Length: 373 pages
Publisher: Solstice Publishing (May 28, 2012)

Synopsis from
Surrogate mother Shelby McDougall just fell for the biggest con of all—a scam that risks her life and the lives of her unborn twins.
Shelby McDougall, recent college graduate, is facing a mountain of student debt and carting a burden she'd like to exorcise. A Rolling Stone ad for a surrogate mother offers her a way to erase the loans and right her karmic place in the cosmos. Within a month, she's signed a contract with intended parents Jackson and Diane Entwistle, relocated to Santa Cruz, California, and started fertility treatments.
But Jackson and Diane have their own secret agenda, one that has nothing to do with diapers and lullabies. With her due date looming and the clues piling up, Shelby must save herself and her twins, and outwit those who wish her ill... She learns the real meaning of the word “family.”

My Review:

I …

Walkin' After Midnight

The other night my grandfather was taking a bath and I needed to go to the bathroom in a hurry. So, I called downstairs to my Mom to warn her I was coming- she has a tendency to be spooked easily at things that go bump in the night. After I took care of business she asked- "Could you get Sassy and put her in? I can't catch her." 
Oh boy! So I went to chasing my cat- I'd go one way and she'd go the other and all the while I was praying to Jesus that a booger wouldn't jump out and get me. After I finally go her and put her in I went back upstairs hoping to go to bed but nope- the 2nd great flood had come and it was in our bathroom.

"Lisa, get a flashlight", my grandfather exclaimed. We need to go and turn off the water, I can't get it turned off in the bathtub. But I want to go to bed! He then told me to go check the spigot and I did- and turned off the water. "How'd you do that?", he asked.
"I turned it off."
It takes a w…

Down Aisle Ten by Daniel Friedland

Down Aisle Ten by Daniel Friedland

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When Harold Greensmeyer suddenly collapses in the grocery store no one knows what caused his ailment. Soon he is sent to a mental institution where he meets a cast of quirky characters. His psychiatrist tries various treatments but nothing works. Turns out Harold was overwhelmed by all  his fears and  is the first sufferer of Universal Simultaneous Anxiety Collapse Disorder- a great name by the way. Will Harold be cured and find true love?...

When I started reading this book I thought- Hey! He wrote about me. Hand sanitizer and I are close friends. Friedland has managed to write a clever and darkly funny book on society's obsessive worryings. It is full of quirky characters and spot-on social observations. I high recommend it.

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No Pee For Me

Dad on taking tests at the doctor's office-

"When I go to the doctor's next if he wants me to piss in a cup I ain't gonna do it. Who wants to carry a cup full of their piss where everyone can see it? They need to have people put their piss cups in a paper bag or something." And those cards they have you shit on-they need to come up with something better than that, too. I don't like playing in my shit."

Kittens and Pies- Oh My

My mother tends to be fashionably late ALL the time. Yesterday we were expected at my brother's house. She wasn't ready and I was downstairs with her. Here is the conversation that occurred:

"Lisa, will you put out the cats? I think one of them is about to have kittens." (Yes cats plural)
So... I put them out and said, " We need to go, we're going to be late."

"I'm almost ready!", she exclaimed.

"Uh the cat is having is having the kittens now", I said.

"Aw, put her in."

"Aah aah, NO! She's got a kitten hanging halfway out her yahoo. I'm not picking her up. We need to leave."

"Hush! Nothing's going right...cats having kittens, can't get the pies done..."

"Well if you don't come on now I'm gonna have kittens."

Math City (e-book edition) by Ahmad Amani

Math City by Ahmad Amani

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

When the Lying Line enters Math City he encounters more than he bargained for. He comes does not receive a warm welcome from some of the citizens.When he encounters the Upper Lying Line and some of his friends trouble ensues.

When I first downloaded the book I thought it was for children. I quickly discovered I was mistaken. It turned out to be a clever book about how differences in individuals can lead to conflict. Amani cleverly uses math to get his point across. I found it to be an interesting read.

* I received my copy from the author in exchange for a honest review.

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conversation X 3

This is a conversation I recently occurred between me and several family members:

Scenario: Me on computer, Scott on phone with Dad and talking to me at the same time and Grandfather sitting in his chair talking to me at the same time.
Grandfather: Is it still raining in Atlanta?
Me: Yes.
Scott: Wait a minute, I'll ask her. To me- Your Dad wants to know if you've talked to your brother.
Me- No.
Grandfather- Are they playing ball?
Me- No, still raining.
Scott- Your Dad wants to know where your Mom is.
Me- Tell him she's downstairs.
Grandfather- Is it raining where Wayne lives?
Scott- Wait she's checking.
Me- No.
Scott- Your Dad wants to know what you're gonna do tomorrow... Wait you can talk to her.
Grandfather- Is it raining in Middlesboro?
Me- Yes the weather is the same as it is here.
Scott- No it isn't.
Me- Yes it usually is.
Grandfather: Is it raining in Harlan?
Me- Yes.
Dad (to me)- What's your Mommy doing?
Me- Probably taking a shower.

Off To The Woman Cave Blobin!

"Lisa, I want you to take me to the store later on.", my grandfather said.
"But I have things to do.", I said.
"That's ok, I'll wait."
"But I need to clean the house and do laundry."
"I'll wait."
"Scott can take you."
"No, I'll just wait."
"But I need to take a bath also."
"That's ok."

So I went ahead about my bidness and then took my bath. As I was drying off Scott came into the bathroom.
I was hoping they had left while I was in the shower but curses! foiled again! No they were still there.So I went ahead and took my grandfather to the store.

Now, I like helping family members but as I've mentioned to all three readers before we now live with my grandfather and mother. So sometimes I just need a little alone time. If I would try to go into our room someone would inevitably yell for me or need something or come in the room so that's out.

Nope, that wouldn't …

Cover Me

My Dad's medical coverage has recently changed. He needed me to look at it to translate because the government is SO clear in explaining things. Here's the conversation we had:

"Lisa, here's these papers I need you to look at. You need a medical degree to figure them out."

"These just tell you what's covered under your insurance and what isn't and this one tells you which doctors take your insurance," I said.

"Well tell me what's covered or not."


"Are dental visits covered?", he asked.

"Let me see. No, I can't find any. Wait, it says that it covers for things like oral surgery and x-rays."

"How about dentures?"


"Well I guess I'll just have to borrow some from the family."

"It covers mental health services", I said grinning widely.

"I don't need those."

"Says you."

"What else does it cover?"

" Medical equ…

It Takes a Village

Scott: Which of these cats are those two kittens mother?
Me: I think the fuzzy gray one is.
Him: What's the other gray one? The wet nurse?
Me: Yes Scott it's the kitties' wet nurse.
A while later...
Him: Now there's a yellow one with the kittens. How many cats are taking care of them?
Me: know Scott-it takes a village.