Off To The Woman Cave Blobin!

Ooh scary

"Lisa, I want you to take me to the store later on.", my grandfather said.
"But I have things to do.", I said.
"That's ok, I'll wait."
"But I need to clean the house and do laundry."
"I'll wait."
"Scott can take you."
"No, I'll just wait."
"But I need to take a bath also."
"That's ok."

So I went ahead about my bidness and then took my bath. As I was drying off Scott came into the bathroom.
I was hoping they had left while I was in the shower but curses! foiled again! No they were still there.So I went ahead and took my grandfather to the store.

Now, I like helping family members but as I've mentioned to all three readers before we now live with my grandfather and mother. So sometimes I just need a little alone time. If I would try to go into our room someone would inevitably yell for me or need something or come in the room so that's out.

Nope, that wouldn't help at all. What I need is a woman cave. Not one of those rooms where I have fun stuff  such as Barbie dolls, a juke box, life sized cut-outs of Johnny Depp, and a mini basketball goal. Uh, forget that last sentence. What I need is an actual cave where I can escape from all my responsibilities for a little while and I can pretend to be Indiana Jones.
Crap again.
That wouldn't work either because I'm afraid of closed in places, and dirt, and bats, and...
Oh well.

He's scruffy but he sure is purty


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