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Going Riding

Mom: "Can you make it down to the car alright or is it too far to walk?" Grandma: "Well, I reckon I can. Sh*t, I ain't dead yet."

Toots Wants to Go

Me: Do you want to go riding today? Grandmother: Yes, I ain't been out of this house in forever and I need to get out. Grandfather: It's supposed to come a bad storm.Grandmother: Well that ain't now and I need out of here. Grandfather: But it's supposed to storm bad later.Grandmother: Oh shoot, Lisa get me out of here and let's go before he says anything more about it storming. I don't wanna hear any more of that.

Too Confused To Get Out of the Car

Was with my mom and grandmother today, my grandmother was acting differently so my mother asked, " Are you feeling confused or do you feel bad?" My grandmother said: "Why no, I don't." A little while later, when we were at a restaurant and I was getting out of the car my grandmother said to me: "Lisa, get over here. I may be too confused to get out of the car."

Cille's gonna kick the sh&t out of me

After Cille broke her hip she was getting an x-ray to check for blood clots. Her sore hip was accidentally jostled, she thought I was the one who hurt her. "If you hurt my leg I'm gonna get up from this table and kick the shit out of you."