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Paxil and Prayer

It's been a year. A year since the depression and panic attacks I've had off and on since I was a teenager  came back. And boy, did they come back with a vengeance.
"Hey Lisa, did ya miss us?"
"Uh. No."

My life can be stressful at times, trying to work and trying to help family members. Usually I handle it pretty well. But a perfect storm of BAD STUFF kept happening- a car accident, job loss, an unexpected death of a close friend.

The night my husband and I found out our friend had passed away is the night I had my first panic attack in about 10 years. I had instances where panic attacks would want to bubble up but I was able to control them. Not this time. They were making up for being kept down so long. It actually wasn't panic attacks, it was more of a continuous onslaught. Then the depression set in. Yay!

My husband, whom I help care for took care of me. I clung to him. He took me for car rides because they'd temporarily calm me down. He'd l…