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Swimming in a Sea of Testosterone

Recently the husband and I moved in with my grandfather. It was the house I lived in before I got married. Well, we've been staying there for the past couple of months, we're not exactly entirely moved out of the other house yet. Some big blonde chick can't seem to get her butt in gear. The new living arrangements are going pretty well. We get along and there's not a lot of conflict. Just family sniping back and forth. There are some issues...such as lack of privacy and my mother and grandfather seem to think since I'm back they can treat me as if I was the teen that still lived there. They have a tendency to open the bedroom door and yell at me to wake up. And me not being a morning person has the urge to yell "SHUT THE DAMN DOOR!", but I'm afraid Jesus would get me for talking to my mama and papaw that way. Well that and the only language I can convey after just waking up is a series of grunts and monosyllables so it wouldn't do any good to yell…

December 1941: The Month That Changed America And Saved The World by Craig Shirley

This book is a non-fiction account of the events during December 1941. It uses articles from newspapers at the time to paint a picture of what was going on in the world before, during, and after Pearl Harbor was attacked.

I really really wanted to like this book, in fact when I saw the author being interviewed about it I got very excited to read it. I love history and I love reading about World War II. I figured that while reading the book I felt as if I was going to be living in that time and immersed in those events...however I did not. I found the facts to be too dry and the book did not keep my attention. There were some passages I read that entertained me but they were few and far between. The information didn't seem to flow well to me either.As I stated before- I really really wanted to like to book but it just made me feel...bluh.

Rating- 2 stars

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through the BookSneeze®.com <http://Book…

Silver Knight (Kindle edition) by Caron Rider

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 Seventeen year old Diana has been having strange dreams- dreams in which she has lived...and been killed many times throughout history. She eventually discovers she is a Warrior for the Light and there's also a dark and mysterious man stalking her throughout her lives. Will he get the upper hand this time or will she? Duh! Read it and find out!

An interesting book that had Warriors of the Light battling The Dark. It had intriguing, likable characters...I liked the fact that the author used historical characters. I did find the jumping back and forth between time a little confusing...but then I am easily confused.

Rating- 3 stars

*I received a copy from the author in exchange for a review.