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A Plain Scandal: An Appleseed Creek Mystery by Amanda Flower

B&H Books
Publication date-2013
Paperback 336 pages

Synopsis from Goodreads:
The people of Appleseed Creek in the heart of Ohio's Amish Country are under attack. Soon after the dust has settled on a buggy accident that turned out to be murder, an unknown assailant begins cutting off the long hair of Amish women and the beards of Amish men.
New to the area, computer specialist Chloe Humphrey may not share their customs, but she is certainly alarmed over these crimes against the Amish and worries how such events will impact her growing number of friends who are more connected to that way of life.
In this small community, when Chloe discovers the body of an Amish businessman who was stabbed in the back and whose beard was cut off, she knows that finding the murderer and restoring peace to Appleseed Creek is as much her responsibility as anyone else's.

You'll want to take a bit out of Appleseed Creek- I know, that's bad. This is the 2ne book in the Appleseed …

The Albert Einstein School Of Rejects

Me to the Husband: Aw, your birthday's soon. How old are you going to be?
Him: 58?
Me: No, your brother is going to be 58, you're going to be 57. Don't even know when you were born. You pitiful pitiful man. Where do you want to go? To a restaraunt?
Him: Sure. I like to eat.
Me: Before you go anywhere you need to do something with that hair. I don't like my men ungroomed. It's all floppy and wild. You look like Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium. You look like you came from The Albert Einstein School of Rejects.
Him: The Albert Einstein School of Rejects. We're all losers, relatively speaking.

I Got It From Sears

My Dad had surgery about a week ago. When the tech came in the room he said, " My name is Truck. I'm here to take you to surgery." " What are you a Mack or a Dodge?", Dad asked.
Then later-
"Some lady asked me how I came to get this aneurysm. I told her I ordered it from Sears."

A Review Of Chasing Paris by Jen Carter

A synopsis from Goodreads-

Amy Winthrow is shocked when her grandmother dies—not because Elizabeth Hathaway’s death is unexpected but because her existence had always been hidden. Ever-inquisitive and prone to letting her imagination get the best of her, Amy embarks upon a journey with an unlikely friend to unravel the mysteries of the elusive Lizzie Hathaway. As she follows the trail of broken dreams and promises of her grandmother’s life, Amy finds herself on a path of accidental self-discovery—a path that she chases all the way to Paris where Lizzie’s story ends and Amy’s begins.

Chasing Paris by Jen Carter

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A novel about the ties of family and choosing the path that would make a person happy and not just settle for something because you think it's the "right" choice. A very enlightening read- I really enjoyed it.

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