A Review Of Chasing Paris by Jen Carter

 A synopsis from Goodreads-

Amy Winthrow is shocked when her grandmother dies—not because Elizabeth Hathaway’s death is unexpected but because her existence had always been hidden. Ever-inquisitive and prone to letting her imagination get the best of her, Amy embarks upon a journey with an unlikely friend to unravel the mysteries of the elusive Lizzie Hathaway. As she follows the trail of broken dreams and promises of her grandmother’s life, Amy finds herself on a path of accidental self-discovery—a path that she chases all the way to Paris where Lizzie’s story ends and Amy’s begins.

Chasing ParisChasing Paris by Jen Carter

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A novel about the ties of family and choosing the path that would make a person happy and not just settle for something because you think it's the "right" choice. A very enlightening read- I really enjoyed it.

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