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More Hope For Helpers: Restoring Wholeness to Alzheimer's & Dementia Related Disorder Caregivers by Michael Byrd, M. Div.

Kindle Edition
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33 pages
Quaystrokes (August 31, 2011)

More Hope for Helpers: Restoring Wholeness to Alzheimer's & Dementia Related Disorder Caregivers by Michael Byrd

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book has more helpful hints for caregivers of family members diagnosed with Alzheimer's and other dementias. It is written in easy to understand language and gives tips on how to deal during the holidays and how to help family members cope with grief. A very useful tool for caregivers.

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Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy from the author in exchange for a review.

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Review of "The Sunny Side of the Mountain" by Charliann Roberts

E-book edition
Published- January 2012 by Solstice Publishing
313 pages

After divorcing her emotionally abusive husband Cassandra  tries to find solace at her aunt's cabin in the Northern Woods. She thinks she has finally found peace only to be confronted with a stalker. Will she escape her emotionally turbulent past and finally find happiness and true love? it and find out!

This book had a heroine I rooted for- I wanted,no hoped Cassandra would get away from her emotionally abusive husband and find love. I didn't feel as if I was reading the book I felt as if I were a part of the book. It had romance, suspense, and engaging characters. A must read.

Rating: 4 stars

Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy from the author in exchange for a review.

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Only One Kind of Potato

So today we took my grandfather to the doctor and when we were done he wanted to go eat- at a buffet of course. And even though I was tempted I did not fill up my plate with carbs as usual. Instead of two different kinds of potatoes I only got one. WOO HOO! Yay me! I also refrained from putting salt on my food. All in all I've been following my NP's orders pretty well. I've only slipped up twice...wait maybe three times. I haven't lost any weight yet but it hasn't been long since she restricted me from having any fun. But I might *gulp* have to start exercising. Ick.

Fat Fingers

"Lisa", my grandmother asked looking at my wedding band, "Do you think you need to have your ring re-sized?"
"No, it's alright", I said.
I think it was her way of telling me I had put on weight and my fingers were fat.They're just puffy, though.

Underneath the Palms of Rio by Brandon Collier

Published by: Create Space 434 pages
Special Agent Ava Monroe is called in by local law enforcement in Rio de Janerio  to help solve a series of murders committed again Americans. She soon discovers that the authorities operate outside the law and she ends up along with detective Cameron Carter learning their involvement in the case was already planned even before they knew it.
This book was an exciting read, it captures your attention its first sentences and I felt that I was in Rio participating in the action. Very enjoyable book.
Rating: 3 stars
Disclosure: I received a copy of the book from the author.

Book Review-Immortal Prophecy by Samantha Adams and Kay Fry

Book One in The Immortal Prophecy Saga
Publisher: Little Bookworm Publishing (December 13, 2011)
Kindle edition

At sixteen Alessandra gets a prediction that will change her life forever- a tragic event and two men entering her life. One man is to bring her love but the other one only wants to bring her harm. Flash forward five years later and Alessandra is now a private investigator and events are set in motion for her to fulfill her destiny- she finds out she's an Immortal, an evil vampire wants to kill her, and the man who may be her true love re-enters her life. Will she defeat the evil vampire and find true love or will evil triumph?

I enjoyed the book- it had interesting characters and plot, romance, danger, adventure...however I would have enjoyed it more if it had been edited a little better, I felt that the sloppy editing distracted from the story. But that won't keep me from reading more in the series because otherwise it was an interesting read.

Rating: 3 stars


Hi Ho Hi Ho, It's Off To Work I Go

After several years of not working I recently got a part -time job. It's going to help us get caught up with bills, give me a break (huh?, you ask)- yes a break. As much as I like being with my family and as much as I like helping them I need to be away from them at times. I missed working, I missed being productive, and it's going to keep me from throttling my husband. I love him and enjoy being with him but husbands and wives need to be apart at times. They don't need to be together all the's just not right.

I like the job, I like the population (developmentally disabled) I work with, and like the people I work with - and no I'm not going to go to great lengths to discuss it like other ninnies who gripe about their jobs on facebook. I mean, do they want to get fired? Well, yeah they probably do. Also, it's flexible which is what I've been looking for. I have time to run errands, go on doctor appointments, help care for my grandmother, and so for…

Do You Remember?

"Lisa," my grandfather Bobo asked as we were watching the news yesterday evening about Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, "Do you remember when King was shot?"
"No, I wasn't alive then."
"Wasn't alive then?"
"No, I hadn't been born yet."
He said, "I remember where I was, I was out rabbit hunting with Jake and when I got home they told me he had been shot."
What about him trying to make me older than what I am? Even though I was born just a few years after it occurred. But, I'm not in my 40s...yet.

Unfortunately, there are two tragedies that occurred during my lifetime that I do remember: The Challenger space shuttle and September 11. I was in school for both happenings- for the Challenger I was an 11 year old 6th grader and we were watching at my school and for 9/11 I was in school again (college) and my English instructor made the announcement. Never had I been surrounded by such quietness. Everything went still.

Going Deep: Becoming A Person of Influence By Gordon MacDonald

Going Deep asks the question of how can church leaders develop their congregations into disciples of Jesus? And how can those people develop the skills to influence others? It's a fictional account of a pastor in New Hampshire trying to do just that. The challenge for the pastor is to help his congregation become deep people.

How can churches adapt and grow for all the changes that are coming about and stay relevant for the future- Pastor MacDonald and his church go on a quest to find out.

Even thought the book is told from a fictional point of view it still has good pointers for pastors, missionaries, and other leaders. It is a well-told, interesting story, and it contains useful tips for churches today. It gives people tools to help others become influential. Even though it's over 300 pages long it is not a tiring read, in fact it didn't seem that long at all. I recommend this book for anyone who would like to give others the tools to be "fishers of men."


Chips and Salsa Is A Fruit And Vegetable, Right?

Today I had my three month check-up. Whoopee! My nurse practitioner was discussing my blood work and vitals with me and this is how it went:

NP: "Your blood pressure was good this time."
Me: I've cut back on the salt.
NP: "Well, it's working, so just keep doing it. Your blood sugar was fine but you know with your poly-cystic ovarian syndrome and your family history it does make your more susceptible to diabetes so we have to keep a close eye on your blood sugar. Do you drink a lot of soft drinks with sugar?"
(This is where I try to come up with a believable lie) Me: Well...
NP: "Fess up, do you drink three a day?"
NP: They're what 150 calories each?"
I guess so. (Sure they would be if I drank cans...but I don't...)
NP: "Ok, three at 150 calories each in a day, that's about 600 calories...that's about a whole meal at once. If you were to cut those out or replace them with water (ick) or sugar-free drinks you co…

Book Review and Giveaway- The Key of Kilenya by Andrea Pearson

While outside with his brother and younger sister at night fourteen year old Jacob sees a hulking shadow in the forest and then suddenly Jacob and Matt hear their young sister screaming from the backyard. When they go to investigate they find wolves standing over her. As Matt, the older brother takes Amberly inside the wolves lunge for Jacob. As Jacob runs into the familiar forest he suddenly comes upon a part of it he's never seen. Is he still in the forest he knows or has Jacob stumbled into a whole other world?

This young adult novel is also well suited for adult reading... it takes the reader on an adventure of good versus evil and quite an adventure it is. From the first few pages, I didn't feel like I was reading the book I felt like I WAS a character in the book. And what interesting, engaging characters they are. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and look forward to reading more of Andrea's works.

Rating: 4 stars

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