Chips and Salsa Is A Fruit And Vegetable, Right?

Today I had my three month check-up. Whoopee! My nurse practitioner was discussing my blood work and vitals with me and this is how it went:

NP: "Your blood pressure was good this time."
Me: I've cut back on the salt.
NP: "Well, it's working, so just keep doing it. Your blood sugar was fine but you know with your poly-cystic ovarian syndrome and your family history it does make your more susceptible to diabetes so we have to keep a close eye on your blood sugar. Do you drink a lot of soft drinks with sugar?"
(This is where I try to come up with a believable lie) Me: Well...
NP: "Fess up, do you drink three a day?"
NP: They're what 150 calories each?"
I guess so. (Sure they would be if I drank cans...but I don't...)
NP: "Ok, three at 150 calories each in a day, that's about 600 calories...that's about a whole meal at once. If you were to cut those out or replace them with water (ick) or sugar-free drinks you could lose 3-4 pounds a month and over the course of a few months you could lost eighteen pounds."
(This is where I make a snarly face) Ok, I say very enthusiastically.
NP:" And if you could cut back on the carbohydrates that would help, too because they aren't good for diabetes." (This is where I make another snarly face.)
I really like carbs, though.
NP: "I know, cutting back on carbs is hard but if you do and add more fruits and vegetables, especially green vegetables that would help, too."
Oh, boy.
NP: "So, I'm holding you to the plan, I expect you to have lost weight when I see you in three months.

After the appointment the old man and I stopped to get gas. As I came out of the convenience store I had a Butter Finger. Gee, I don't know how that got into my hand. I said to the old man:
See, I'm cutting back on sugar.
The old man: "Oh yeah, you only bought one this time."

That's progress, right?


  1. Remember, pizza's a vegetable now too :) You'll be making progress in no time

  2. You're right! Pizza is a vegetable. Woo hoo!


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