Hi Ho Hi Ho, It's Off To Work I Go

After several years of not working I recently got a part -time job. It's going to help us get caught up with bills, give me a break (huh?, you ask)- yes a break. As much as I like being with my family and as much as I like helping them I need to be away from them at times. I missed working, I missed being productive, and it's going to keep me from throttling my husband. I love him and enjoy being with him but husbands and wives need to be apart at times. They don't need to be together all the time...it's just not right.

I've got a brain for business and a bod for...oh, forget it
I like the job, I like the population (developmentally disabled) I work with, and like the people I work with - and no I'm not going to go to great lengths to discuss it like other ninnies who gripe about their jobs on facebook. I mean, do they want to get fired? Well, yeah they probably do. Also, it's flexible which is what I've been looking for. I have time to run errands, go on doctor appointments, help care for my grandmother, and so forth. I think I can manage that...at least I hope so.If not, well hello therapy.


  1. Yay! Congrats!!
    Your back-up solution made me chuckle. ;-)


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