Do You Remember?

"Lisa," my grandfather Bobo asked as we were watching the news yesterday evening about Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, "Do you remember when King was shot?"
"No, I wasn't alive then."
"Wasn't alive then?"
"No, I hadn't been born yet."
He said, "I remember where I was, I was out rabbit hunting with Jake and when I got home they told me he had been shot."
What about him trying to make me older than what I am? Even though I was born just a few years after it occurred. But, I'm not in my 40s...yet.

Unfortunately, there are two tragedies that occurred during my lifetime that I do remember: The Challenger space shuttle and September 11. I was in school for both happenings- for the Challenger I was an 11 year old 6th grader and we were watching at my school and for 9/11 I was in school again (college) and my English instructor made the announcement. Never had I been surrounded by such quietness. Everything went still.

Do you remember where you were? Me, I'll never forget.


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