Maybe I'll Exercise

At my check-up the nurse practitioner asked if the neurontin I take helps. I told her yes, it helps my leg. Scott thinks it also helps my mood, but I happen to think my mood is PRETTY FREAKIN' PEACHY anyway. The nurse also went over a self care checklist with me:
"Do you smoke?" No
"Do you eat at least 5 servings of fruit and vegetables every day?" No
"Do you exercise at least 30 minutes every day?" No (See a theme here?)
"Do you sleep at least 7 hours at night?" No
 "How much alcohol do you drink?" Not enough
Nurse: "Ok, you have to have at least one goal to on this list to improve your self care. Which one do you want to work on?"
Me: "Oh geez, I guess I'll try to exercise more. Maybe."
 I know I need to take better care of myself, I'm a chubby little monkey and my eating habits aren't so great. But COME ON exercising is about as exciting as watching paint dry and Chips Ahoy takes waaay better than salads. Besides doesn't chocolate release endorphins and those are good for you, right?


  1. LMAO! oh ya I answrered the same to all those questions and i try to use the "I just had a baby excuse" but shes gonna eb 2 soon so i dont think people are buying it at all! Even though I still do wear maternity clothes half the time. I can't even take care of my self enought to buy new clothes but I do own a treadmill! and i use it once or twice a week. So just get a treadmill and use it when to walk when your on the phone and replace your comp chair with an excercise ball. It will make a world of a differece and you barley did anything!

  2. i haven't had kids so i can't use that excuse, we have exercise equipment but we used to use it to hang clothes on. it's now stored in a back room. i told my husband after we make room at the front of the house i wanted to move the equipment there because if i see it i'll be more likely to use it. i really need to lose weight- my blood pressure has been a little high lately.

  3. i personally despite working out ... it's like pulling teeth. i am active but find no enjoyment in running or spending my time on a treadmill. i'd rather be gardening or renovating a room in my house!!

    stopping by from Friday's Friend Connect & new follower! hope you stop back by!

  4. i. hate. working. out. and a chips ahoy sounds so good right now....ugh. haha well anyways you have a lovely blog! i found you from thankful for friends thursday and i'm now following. i would really appreciate it if you could check out my block and maybe follow back! thanks :)

    lindsay @

  5. lol. I have to agree working out is no fun at all. I will say though that there are some fun games on the Wii that have workout modes. For Example Dance Dance Revolution for Wii is pretty fun and you can keep track of calories burned and all that when you play. Not that I do as often as I really should.

  6. The only exercise i love to do is dance! I dance to my fav music until I am sweating profusely or until I put my 30 minutes in....i lost 81bs already. I hate weight trainging though...wonk, wonk wonk. Oh and chips ahoy rock!

    following from a blog hop.

  7. lol, too funny! I hear ya, love me some cookies and tend to slack on the better choices. One day I'll get it right (maybe)!


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