Kittens and Pies- Oh My

My mother tends to be fashionably late ALL the time. Yesterday we were expected at my brother's house. She wasn't ready and I was downstairs with her. Here is the conversation that occurred:

"Lisa, will you put out the cats? I think one of them is about to have kittens." (Yes cats plural)
So... I put them out and said, " We need to go, we're going to be late."

"I'm almost ready!", she exclaimed.

"Uh the cat is having is having the kittens now", I said.

"Aw, put her in."

"Aah aah, NO! She's got a kitten hanging halfway out her yahoo. I'm not picking her up. We need to leave."

"Hush! Nothing's going right...cats having kittens, can't get the pies done..."

"Well if you don't come on now I'm gonna have kittens."


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