conversation X 3

This is a conversation I recently occurred between me and several family members:

Scenario: Me on computer, Scott on phone with Dad and talking to me at the same time and Grandfather sitting in his chair talking to me at the same time.
Grandfather: Is it still raining in Atlanta?
Me: Yes.
Scott: Wait a minute, I'll ask her. To me- Your Dad wants to know if you've talked to your brother.
Me- No.
Grandfather- Are they playing ball?
Me- No, still raining.
Scott- Your Dad wants to know where your Mom is.
Me- Tell him she's downstairs.
Grandfather- Is it raining where Wayne lives?
Scott- Wait she's checking.
Me- No.
Scott- Your Dad wants to know what you're gonna do tomorrow... Wait you can talk to her.
Grandfather- Is it raining in Middlesboro?
Me- Yes the weather is the same as it is here.
Scott- No it isn't.
Me- Yes it usually is.
Grandfather: Is it raining in Harlan?
Me- Yes.
Dad (to me)- What's your Mommy doing?
Me- Probably taking a shower.
Grandfather- How about Knoxville?
Me- Wait. No.
Dad- She was in the shower earlier. How the h*ll long does it take?
Me- It's a process Dad.


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