Good Riddance Day

Today in Times Square people gathered for Good Riddance Day- a day for getting rid of your worst memory from 2011. All I can say is if I had went I'd have to moved up there because I would have been a long time choosing. The thought of symbolically getting rid of bad memories is an interesting idea; but I'm of the school of thought that bad experiences are ultimately a good thing. Of course, I didn't enjoy having cruddy things happen to me but once they were over I found I learned more from the bad than from the good. They're character builders and I am one who has A LOT of character. And for that I'm thankful.

On another note, I recently read a blog post by Laura Lippman on one word resolutions for the New Year. Now usually my only resolution is not to make any resolutions but her post intrigued me. So I decided my one word resolution for 2012 would be temperance. No sillies, I don't drink too fact I should probably drink more. My problem is I need to restrain my mouth more...I'm getting to the point where any thought I have just pops out. And while that can be admirable it can also be a hinderance. If someone makes me angry, they're going to know it. Oh heck, forget about me trying to reign in my temper and smart mouth...for me Paxil is the answer. Maybe I should start taking it again, it gives me a calm, cool feeling and keeps me from wanting to throttle all kinds of morons. Screw the resolution-bring on the Paxil!


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