My Soapbox

I'm going to get on my soapbox for a few minutes. I'm sorry if my opinion offends anyone but oh well. I see certain phrases that facebook users can "like". I've used this feature myself. There are some of these phrases concerning welfare or food stamps, basically they're making statements about the lazy, welfare riders of our society. It's true there are some people who take advantage of the entitlement programs. They know the laws better than the people working at the social welfare agencies. These are the people that want something for nothing and therefore take advantage of every program out there. These people, however, are in the minority. When you talk about welfare reform and you're getting tired of others sitting on their backsides taking tax dollars off of hardworking people the majority of the ones you're speaking of need it, worked for it, and therefore deserve it. It's true the entitlement system is broken,it needs to be fixed. But bitching about it ain't a solution. And when people make their comments about lazy asses they need to remember they're more than likely including someone in their family. Someone who's worked for yrs., have health problems where they cannot work, but still want to. People who are ashamed, depressed, and feel useless because they can't work anymore. People who have to choose between food, and which bills can they get by without paying for the month. People that receive SSI or disability but the monthly payments are half of what they used to earn so they have to borrow money from family members and are still behind on their bills. People who receive food stamps but usually their allotment runs out before the end of the month so you end up buying the cheapest food that's not healthy. People who are thinking of declaring bankruptcy to get the creditors off their back. Contrary to what people think you don't get rich on food stamps and disability.  Good, honest, hardworking people who happened to get sick and now are no longer able to work. When you want to punish the lazy, who you really end up punishing are the ones who deserve to get these programs. And that's the majority of them. This isn't speculation- this is the truth. Why- because I'm living it.


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