The Holy Grail of Hardware Stores

My husband had a doctor's appointment a few days ago and afterwards I asked him if he wanted to go anywhere else. He wasn't sure and then I reminded him that a new hardware store was open.
"Ooh. Let's go there", he exclaimed.
Cause, ya know, tools are da bomb.
So my first impression was that it was shiny and that most of the things in there I had no clue what they were. But the husband was happy.
"What's this?", I asked.
"It's a wrench."
"Oh. I just liked it cause it's the color of The Hulk."
Then he started explaining some thingabobby to me:
"Yeah. I don't really know what you're saying but that's ok. I'm tired. I think I'm gonna sit down."
"Can you sit in it or is it on display?"
"Uh. I'm gonna sit in it. I'll tell em I'm trying it out."
"Oh. It has a tray."
"Ooh. An armrest."
"I think that's to set drinks on."
"Right now it's an armrest."
And then I saw it...the Holy Grail. A box of 500 disposable gloves for $7.99.
And that made it all worthwhile.


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