Review Ratings & Guidelines

My Rating System ( I really like tea)

I didn't like it

It was ok


I liked it


I really liked it


 I'd marry it if I could


Genres I Prefer
* Mysteries (Especially Cozy Mysteries; but I also like Police/Forensic/Thrillers. I don't mind mysteries to have a touch of romance.
* Chick-lit
* History ( Fiction or Non-fiction)
* Christian
My most  favoritest genre though is mysteries so I'll take as many of those as I can get. I am also very interested in reading fiction or non-fiction books with a caregiving theme.

But I Also Will Read...
*Sci-fi/Fantasy ( Especially Fantasy)
* Young Adult
* Non-fiction ( Especially those about Mental Illness and Biographies)
* At times I also read Poetry. I like to pretend I'm an enlightened nerd.
Because I Just Looove Books

I Don't Read
* Romances 
* Paranormal ( Ok- I'll read some paranormal, if you ask nicely)
* Erotica
* Self-help

I will post honest reviews but I won't be mean when reviewing a book, because being mean is just tacky. I will at times offer constructive criticism- if you can't handle that then don't ask me to review your book. I accept print and e-books. If your book is in e-book format I prefer pdf of mobi files.I also do guest posts and giveaways. I post reviews to Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, and various other book review sites. They also go to my facebook page, google+, and twitter. I have a big tbr pile and also a life so it may take me a while to read your book and post a review. If you're impatient don't ask for a review.


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