Insurance Companies

My grandparents supplemental insurance premiums went up twice this year. They usually go up once a year in January. It went up about $35 then. They pay the premiums every three months. They recently got the bill for August and when I opened the bill I discovered it has been raised again- by $39. Not just $39 all together but $39 per person. So, now they pay over $1000 for supplemental insurance every three months. Oh, and they did not get a cost of living raise this year. The insurance company's reasoning is the rising cost of medicine and customers increased frequency of going to the doctor forced the company to raise premiums. Poor insurance companies- they didn't want to do this but had no choice to raise rates on retired persons who worked hard all their lives, are now retired, on fixed incomes, and have chronic health conditions.They should be able to enjoy their golden years but are now wondering how their bills are going to be paid. But the insurance companies can't help it- they're in a bind so they mustn't be blamed. Yeah, right.


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