Getting my grandmother ready for a doctor appointment is sometimes a comedy of errors

Both my grandmother and grandfather- I'll now be referring to them as Toots and Bobo- recently had a doctor's appointment. When I got to their house it was pouring down the rain. I was helping get my grandmother to the car. I had the umbrella over her, her purse on one arm, holding onto the back of her pants to keep her from falling on the slick ramp. My mother and grandfather behind me giving me instructions and yelling at me to not let her fall- well, if you'd be quiet I won't get distracted. Like I don't know how to get somebody in a car. Turns out I didn't because somehow Toots got contorted like a pretzel and couldn't get in the car. I finally did get her unfolded though.despite the fact my grandmother yelling at me to hurry up and get her in the car that she was getting wet. I pointed out to her she was the one with the umbrella over her. I was the one soaking. When the appointment was over she was hungry so when went to one of her favorite places to get a sandwich- it was closed. We then went on into Kentucky to another one of the places she likes to eat and it wasn't there anymore. Toots was then wandering if we were ever going to feed her. We finally found a place to eat and all turned out well. But for a while it was iffy.


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