Tangled up in red

Today my husband got a letter from Medicare explaining changes to his benefits and payments of medicare premiums. The only problem is the wording of  the letters. Government agencies liked Medicare, social security, etc. use language in such a way that it's hard for people to understand. I'm (reasonably) intelligent and possess a college degree, Scott is very intelligent but he even has a hard time understanding government correspondence. The letters say visit our website or call our office if you have any questions. The problem is the websites are just as confusing and it's hard to get  a hold of someone at the offices. When do you finally get an actual live person sometimes they don't even seem to understand the policies. But that is government for you, make things as vague and confusing as possible and people will just give up asking questions. I think they like it that way. I just feel sorry for those who don't have anyone help them navigate through the exciting world of government red tape.


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