Sometimes I wonder why doctors do the things they do. Take test results for example: A doctor orders a test, then on your next doctor's visit or even a phone call they tell you in vague,cryptic terms that they want you to see a specialist. I understand family doctors can't do everything and there are times when a person needs to see a specialist. However, the family doctor puts the results of the tests in such terms that a person can't help but get alarmed at times. "Uh, Lisa there was something on your results that were abnormal and we want to send you an hour away to this specialist." But they don't go into details even when I ask them for clarification. It has been the case, though, when I have went to a specialist or one of my family members have gone to a specialist that their condition was not as bad as we were led to believe. I know doctors have to be cautious and need second opinions in certain cases but why can't they pick up a phone and consult with another doctor if they're not sure of something. AND then if there's cause for concern send their patients onto someone more knowledgeable.


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