My grandmother has dementia, she's had it for several years. She takes medicine for it and it hasn't gotten worse. She is one of the smartest people I know ( smarter than me) and despite her health problems she is still quick witted. For instance, I take care of my grandparents' bills. My grandfather asked me the sum- well, the conversation went something like this:

Grandfather: " Lisa, how much are they?"
Me: "Hold on, I'm still figur..."
Grandmother: " $193.06"
That's right, she had the sum calculated in her head in under a minute, while I was still going "Now, I need to carry the one.."


  1. That would be my mom if she ever gets dementia. She's brilliant, I can't see her loosing all of her memory and I hope she don't. Sorry about your grandmother, I'm so glad she isn't getting worse.

  2. thank you. she' still very sharp in some ways and has one of the quickest wits. she's very entertaining to be around.

  3. Ok, I love your blog! Your grandmother sounds amazing - my mom can also still do math in her head (well, sometimes) but is waning a bit mentally. It's quite sad to watch but also can be fairly interesting as I'm sure you've discovered too. Great blog, Lisa. I'm off to read more!

  4. Thank you, I'm glad you like it. I enjoyed yours, too as well as your squidoo page where you talk about bird watching, you have an interesting perspective.


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