Don't Panic

Cille just got out of the hospital yesterday after being in there for 2 days with a COPD flare-up. She had been feeling alright until she had a setback earlier today. My mother called me earlier to tell me my grandmother was having trouble breathing again and was sick at her stomach. Cille also complained of itching. When I got there she was shaking uncontrollably, was red all over, still short-winded, and was still itchy. She had eaten chocolate cake a couple of days before, became red, itchy, and got sick at her stomach. I kindly told my family that should be a clue not to give her anymore chocolate cake. I told her it looked like she was having a panic attack because she is prone to them and both my mother and I have had them before. Woo boy, they're loads of fun to have.

A little while after I arrived the itching and redness disappeared because the personal care aide had put some Benadryl cream on her. Mom and I also talked calmly to her and tried to get her to adjust her breathing. She finally calmed down and we could tell she was feeling much better because by that time she became sarcastic and mocking towards us again-always a good sign. I, being a good granddaughter ate part of the cake and took another one home with me. You know, just to help, of course.


  1. Thanks for Google follow ~ almost didn't come to your blog because it warns about Adult Content ~ might change that if you want more followers ~ just my thoughts ~ I like your blog and so hope you get tons of followers ~ ^_^ ArtMuseDog and Carol

  2. Thanks Carol, I thought about the adult content warning- that it might turn people off but then if they come to my blog and see the "s-word", i'm afraid they'll be offended. my grandmother uses that word A LOT.


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