Sh*t Is The Word

I think it's been established that my grandmother is sassy and likes to use the word "shit" A LOT, "ass" comes in second but she particularly seems to like to say "shit" to get her point across. The following is more conversations featuring her favorite word:

Mom: "You kept saying shit in front of the preacher when he visited today. You shouldn't do that."
Cille: "Shit."
Mom: "He's a preacher, you don't need to say that in front of him."
Cille: "Shiiit."
Mom: "You need to quit saying that word in front of him."
Cille: "Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit..."

This occurred before she got sick and she was still driving. She would see an old boyfriend of mine out in public and when she got home would mention that fact to me. Except she wouldn't refer to the boy by name- it was always: "I saw old shit today in the grocery store." Or "I passed old ass on the highway this evening". If  she really didn't like the person it was "Saw old shit ass today." It didn't matter if I was the breaker or breakee, she would then on out refer to them by the "shit and ass titles". Even if I had dated them ten yrs before and didn't hold a grudge, she sure did...and still does.


  1. I love your Grandma! I'm on the mindset that, if you're lucky to get old, you earn the right to say whatever the shit you want to....Other perks are burping (and producing other bodily sounds) without excusing yourself.

    I'm going to link your blog over to my senior citizen articles on squidoo: (don't tell Grandma! I'll be "that old internet shit ass...."

  2. thank you, that's really nice. i appreciate it.


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