Hide the Scissors

Sometimes I get a little stressed out, because of this I sometimes feel the need to cut my hair. A few days ago I did just that. Yeah, I probably shouldn't have considering I ended up looking like a prison escapee.

Because of my hair cutting escapades my husband threatens to hide the scissors. I'm tempted to tell him to do so but just as soon as he does I'll need them for something and can't find them. I'll then get pissed and start yelling at him, "Where's the freakin' scissors?" We don't want that, now do we?

Anyway, because I went all "Britney Spears" on my head my mom had to even out my hair. She kept cutting and cutting and cutting... until it was finally all even. Now I'm sporting a pixie cut ( and no I'm not going to post pictures of it to enhance the post because...just well, NO). On someone like Audrey Hepburn a pixie cut looks good, on a tall chubby girl- not so much. 


  1. Ha, i love it! Great story! Would still love a picture ; )

  2. thanks, but sorry no pics of my pixie head


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