No, It's Not Too Hot

 Because of my grandmother's condition she can't drive so she relies on me and my mother to take her out. Usually she likes riding on the back roads. When I went to visit her today she was ready to go out because she had been in the house for too long. So she asked me this almost as soon as I got there:
Cille: "Is it real hot out there Lisa?"
Me: "Yes it is."
Cille: "Is it too hot for me to get out?"
Me: "I don...
Cille: "No, it's not."
Of course I took her out because no matter how old I am- if either one of my grandmothers says "Jump!" I immediately obey them...because they scare me.


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  3. Ha ha hilarious. I don't have any grandparents left now - I'm only 31 though.

    I found you through Follow Me Friday at Thrifty Ninja.

  4. How sweet that you help your Grandmother out. I am sure she appreciates it very much. I just hope my GrandKids do the same for me some day.


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