Sleeping Next To Darth Vader

The husband had a check-up recently. His potassium has been low and the doctor was going over options to get the level higher. Scott explained to him it had dropped before when he started exercising again and losing weight. He said he thought that's what was happening now and began explaining to the doctor about what was going on with him-

Scott: "When a person starts to lose weight they lose fluid first...but of course you know that."
Me : "Yes, he would considering he's a DOCTOR."
Scott: "You know I had a sleep study, my neurologist had ordered one..oh yeah did you know I see a neurologist? What's his name?"
Me:"Dr. A**hole."
Scott:"I don't think she cared for him."
Me: "Ya think?"
Doctor: "No, I didn't." What does he do for you?"
Scott: "It's not the same one but this one does a test on my neck, to check my carotid arteries."
Me: "He doesn't treat him for his neurological condition, he just does the test once a year. When he started going there he was told neurologists see people with his condition but don't really know much about it."
Doctor: "That's right."

That's right, he sees a specialist to have a test once a yr. and his family doctor is the one treating him for his dystonia...and the neurologists don't know much about this particular neurological condition anyway. Interesting.

Scott: "Anyway, did you ever get the results of the sleep study? I had it done in March."
Doctor: "No, I didn't. But I'll send for the report."
Scott: "I had it done in March and you haven't gotten the report, that's amazing. We got a bill, the place that read it called about a month ago and said I would probably have to pay some on it, but no one ever called me with the results."
Doctor: "The place that called didn't give you any results?"
Me: "No, just the bill."
Scott: "The tech who did the sleep study did tell me however that I stopped breathing during the night and my oxygen level got down to 60%."
Doctor: "I'll go ahead and send in a prescription for a c-pap and maybe that will get them in gear to send me the report."
Me: "When he uses the machine will it sound like I'm sleeping next to Darth Vader? Cause that would be cool."
Doctor: "No."


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