Wise Was Filleted Today

Me: "You know Wise flooded today?"
Scott: "Wise was filleted today?"
Me: Good grief. Did you know that parts of Wise and Pound flooded today?"
Scott: "Wise flooded? How did that happen?"
Me: "It rained a lot."
Scott: "Wise is built on a mountain, how can it flood there?"
Me: "It flooded in the flat parts."
Scott: "There are no flat parts in Wise, it's built on a mountain."
Me: "Yes, there is. There are scoopy out parts in Wise that are flat...like a bowl and they flooded."
You probably can't tell by the conversations I post...but yes we both are above average intelligence. Scary, ain't it?


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  2. That was funny. :-)

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  3. lol you two must be the entertaining kinda couples :p Found you through the hop, would love if you stopped by my place on the web. Have a great day!


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