The 50 Year Old Adolescent

In an earlier post I described how my husband was 19 yrs. older than me but we were compatible anyway. And that was because he's immature for his age, as all men tend to be and I'm mature for my age  as most women tend to be. Case in point, his humor. Here are some gems from the 12 yr. old residing in a 50-something yr. old body:

Scott: I just composed my own epitaph.
Me: What's that?
Scott: Something you put on a gravestone.
Another goody: What kind of car did Queen Elizabeth I drive?
Queen Elizabeth I, she didn't drive a car.
Yes, she did.
Queen Elizabeth I lived in the 1500s, she did not drive a car.
Yes, she drove a tu-dor sedan. Or...the time he pretended to lay a boiled egg, that was the highlight of my day.
Sometimes I think a poke in the eye with a sharp stick would be less painful.


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