I Can't Take My Parents Anywhere

My dad got his blood drawn recently. After he had it done he came stumbling out of the lab saying: "Hold me up sis, they took so much I'm too weak to walk." (As he dramatically collapsed against the wall). "Did you hear me screaming in there?" Me- "Yes, Dad everyone did." Dad- "You're gonna have to help me, I don't think I can make it." Me- "Well, you must not be too weak, you're still flapping your jaws."

Then later after my mother's doctor appointment we ate at a Chinese restaurant. For some reason she tried to take the lid off the soy sauce-
Me- "Uh, what are you doing?"
Mom- "Trying to get this to pour out."
Me- "You don't take the lid off soy sauce."
Mom- "Whoops, I wasn't paying attention."

She then proceeded to pound the lid back on, cracking it in the process and knocking condiments off the table. I think the bottle must have offended her in some way. I tried and tried to teach them how to act in public, but they never listened. I guess it was just a wasted effort.


  1. When my late mother first came to live with us, I was a novice regarding Dementia; soon witnessed its ugly side when we took mother to a Corned Beef Dinner at my hub's gun club.

    As we ushered her in, she began to complain as she looked at everyone; "What the hell is wrong with these people? They act like they don't know me!!" I joked with her (bad idea), asking if she thought she was Queen Elizabeth. The "Queen" promptly gave me the finger. She did that often.

    It only got worse from that point.

    Dinner was served and once it was placed in front of her, she shoved it across the table, onto the floor, exclaiming that.."I'm not eating this s*it!!"

    We promptly put her coat on and gently escorted her out of the clubhouse.

    I quickly learned that, in later stages of Dementia, it's not a good idea to expose a patient to crowds, even small gatherings. Like mother did, they often become combative and act..inappropriately.

    Difficult and heartbreaking, at times, when we become the parents...for our parents.

  2. yes, i agree it is difficult when you have to parent your parents. they don't have dementia, just other health problems, my grandmother has it but she knows how to act in public...better than they do. :)


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