Outta My Way

Why do men think they need to give women pointers when cleaning? 
Any man relative:"Well, if it was me, I'd do it this way." Or- "You need to do it that way." Well, whoopy doo, why don't you do it then? My grandfather used to come in the kitchen when I was trying to do something and give me advice. My grandmother had to tell him: "Get in her, sit down and leave her alone. She knows what she's doing. I reckon."
Women came out of the womb knowing how to clean. The men just need to stay out of our way and everything will be fine.


  1. New follower from the blog hop and OMG my husband does this everyday. But then again, he's vacuuming right now so I'm not complaining too much. Hope you'll stop by: http://www.margsformommy.com


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