Running From The Law

My grandfather had a fender bender today. Luckily he wasn't hurt nor did he get a ticket. Apparently he didn't know he was hit and left the scene of the accident. He felt a bump to the back of his car but thought the car was jumping as it sometimes does. The police came to his house but he hadn't returned home yet and they looked up and down the road but couldn't find him. I figured if he wasn't hurt he pulled a "Dukes of Hazzard" and was runnin' from the law just as fast as he could.

My mother called frantic and as I was on my way down there he showed up. She then called the state trooper and he returned to their house. My grandfather told the trooper that the "fella didn't have to hit me, there was a whole other lane he could have gone to." I told him the trooper said he was going to have to get evaluated by a doctor to see if he was able to drive and there was a possibility of losing his license. He said he didn't care- he was going to quit driving next year anyway (the year he turns 90.)


  1. What a character! Glad he was OK. I'm visiting from the weekend blog hop - you can visit me at

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  3. follower from Lots of Lovin’ hop. Would love a return follow:-). You're grandfather...he's a blessing for sure despite his unawareness of being hit and leaving the scene. I sure hope I live to be his age and still be driving then too :-). Make it a great weekend!


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