Book Review- Hope For Helpers

Hope For Helpers: Restoring Wholeness To Alzheimer's & Dementia Related Disorder Caregivers (e-book)
By: Michael Byrd,  M. Div.
Michael Byrd has served as a chaplain for over fifteen years to the elderly and their caregivers. He has also been a facilitator to an Alzheimer's caregivers support group. Byrd has taken the knowledge he's obtained and wrote this short, easy to read book as a guide for caregivers of persons with Alzheimer's and other dementias.

Mr. Byrd's book kept my attention and was worded in a way laypersons can understand. His tips are useful and practical. The book is a handy tool for those of us who are caregivers. The only problem I had with it was I kept thinking- these are things I need to do to make my caregiving experience less stressful. It reminded me I need to take care of myself more. I recommend this book for caregivers.

Rating: Four out of five stars

Disclosure: The book was given to me by the author's wife.


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