I'm The Best Looking

As I was getting ready to leave with my grandmother for her doctor visit my grandfather asked if I was going to take him to the store when I got back. I told him yes and my grandmother retorted back with- "Well, I ain't gonna rush myself."

Everything was fine, her doctor was new and Cille seemed to like her- she did take her off some of her medicine and told us that sometimes older people are put on too many pills. This pleased my grandmother and Mom. I could be mistaken but I tend to think people are overmedicated.

 After the appointment I told Cille this-
Me: The doctor asked how we're related. She said me, you, and Mom looked similar.
Cille: Did you tell her how we're connected?
Me: Yes.
Cille: Well, I thought I was the best looking.


  1. Couldn't agree more on the over-medication of the elderly. Some physicians tend to write scripts for too many meds that end up clashing with each other and causing bad side-effects.

    Love Cille's sense of humor!


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