More Cille Quotes

These are some of the things my grandmother said while I was at her house yesterday:

Cille: I'm hungry.
Grandfather: There's a dinner in there Lisa can heat up for you.
Cille: You can have that ol'd dinner, me and Lisa are going out to eat.

Cille: Give me some money.
Bobo (that's what everybody calls my grandfather): I'm broke, I ain't got none.
Cille: Well, thank ye, thank ye very much.

(He did end up giving her money, you don't say no to Cille)

About a relative having diarrhea- Is she going with us? Oh, she has the diarrhea, she can't go she might shit in the car.
Mom proclaimed how hateful some people can be. Cille's philosophy on that is: "Who ain't? I can be at times and I don't care to own it."


  1. I know it can be tough taking care of a grandparent, but I love reading quotes from your grandmother. Some of the things she says reminds me so much of my grandfather. Only a week or two before he passed away, my brother showed him a picture of his new girlfriend. Grandpa said she wasn't too pretty (she is) but then promptly asked if she had a friend (for him). I wish I had immortalized some of the things at Grandpa said like you are doing for your grandparents.

  2. Thanks, I'm glad I started doing this, she and my dad(I quote him at times, too) certainly have an original way of looking at things.

  3. Oh! I love Cille's philosophical bit of advice at the end. So wise - so true...but also SO funny! LOL :-)


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