Happy Halloweenie

"Look at what I drew on the treat bags," I said to the husband. "It's folk art."
"It looks like a dick with two eyes.", he said.
I exclaimed, "It does not! They're ghosts."
"Yeah, okaaay... Happy Halloweenie!", he said.

Great, now the trick-or-treaters' parents are going to think I'm some kind of perv. They're not going to let their kids come to the house anymore. I can hear them now, "Don't go to that house on the left, that's the lady who draws the penis eyes."

Happy Halloweenie everyone!!!


  1. I'm giggling at work right now because of this. Aren't husbands just great?

  2. yeah, he's a source of constant entertainment.:)

  3. happy halloweenie... ROFL!!! !that is hilarious I will have to share this with my hubby he would for sure get a kick out of it lol!!

    New follower via the hop! nice to meet you !


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