I Want Roast Beef

Mom and I had this little exchange in the Burger King drive- thru tonight:

Mom: I want a roast beef sandwich.
Me: They don't have roast beef.
Employee: May I take your order?
(I give her everyone else's order)
Mom: I want a roast beef.
Me: They don't have roast beef sandwiches.
Mom: What kind do they have?
Me: They got whoppers, whopper jrs., bacon whoppers, chicken, more chicken, and fish. (This is where I start to feel like Bubba from Forrest Gump)
Mom (to the speaker): I want a combo.
Employee: Uh...
Mom: Just get me a combo, Lisa.
Me: I'll take a #4 combo with a Coke.
Employee: Does that complete your order?
Me: Oh my gosh, I hope so.

I think the employee who took our order must have enjoyed our exchange because we heard her giggling over the speaker, either that or she thought we were idiots. Maybe both.


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