Uh, It's Round

I went into Home Depot today to get dear husband's other birthday present... a drill polishing kit. Now, he described it for me but I still don't know much about tools except what a hammer and a screwdriver are. One's to mash my thumb with and the other is a drink. Well, I couldn't find it so I asked an associate for help. When we got to the drill section, he said- "You wanted a polishing kit, right?" Yes. "Is it for a Remmel?" (which I later found out was a Dremmel not a Remmel, oops) Me- "Uh, it's round and it's for a drill."

The nice associate enlisted the help of another nice associate and we found the kit. He then went on a spiel about grinders or sanders or whatever and I did what I always do when men start talking about tools, I started hearing the Charlie Brown voice in my head. "Wah, wah, wah, wah. " I then thanked them and left. Now I like going into places like Home Depot and Lowe's- not for the tools, mind you, but because everything's shiny. I like shiny things.


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