I Can't Take My Parents Anywhere- Pt. 2

Waitress: What do you want on your grilled cheese sandwich?
Dad: Cheese.
Mom:Where are you going to get Scott's house shoes- Norton?
Me: I guess I could.
Dad: Yeah, you could go to Lowe's and see if they have any.
Me: I don't think they sell house shoes at Lowe's, Dad.
Dad: Oh, I bet they do.
Then later... Lisa, watch that idiot swerving in front of you. He's probably talking on his cell phone and googling or taking pictures of his crackberry. Or he could be tweeting on his pee pod. You know now they got this pod thing the size of a clipboard and you can read magazines on it? Why can't people just buy a freakin' magazine instead of carrying those things around?


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