Liebster Award

Thanks to Kid Book Ratings for the Liebster Award. 

"The idea behind the Liebster is for honorees to "pay it forward" by acknowledging the award, the blogger who gave it to you, and passing the award on to five blogs you deem worthy of of receiving distinction.  Only blogs with less than 200 followers are eligible for this award in hopes of generating more traffic to their site." 

Here are five blogs you may want to take a peek at:

This award requires me to tell 5 things about myself, so...consider yourself warned.

1. I'm a cat lover.
2. I would eventually like to write a book, but...
3. I'm a BIG procrastinator
4. I have 5 nieces.
5. And one kid... my husband. :)


  1. Thank you SO much for the great award! I'm very honored, as my Mom would be. My boyfriend just surprised me by having my blog made into a book - 400 pages worth! It's going to be so interesting to read it all. I hope you're doing well. As I mentioned somewhere in your blog before, you are nowhere near unnecessary! You're a darling friend and a great caregiver.

  2. Thank you so much Lisa .. ;)

  3. you're welcome guys and thank you Lori


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