Apple Pie, Blueberry Pie, Lemon Meringue

At a restaurant yesterday:

Grandfather- Lisa, see if they have any chocolate pie.
Me- No, they don't have any.
GF- You'd think they would make pies and sell em, they could make a lot of money.
Scott- Yep, they probably could.
And this is where I felt as if I had walked into the Mountain version of Forrest Gump and was sitting with Bubba and Dubba...
GF- They could make blueberry and sell em.
Scott- That'd be good.
Apple pie...
Scott- Ooh, apple pie's good. I like apple pie.
Lemon meringue...
Scott- Yep.
Cherry, peach, ...
Scott- Yep, those sound good.
Scott- I don't care for pumpkin, but I think they could sell them.
And then they got to talking about Earl Scruggs dying and my grandfather launched into singing Flatt and Scrugg's Salty Dog and then Scott joined in. I'm sure the diners sitting nearby enjoyed the concert immensely...I sure did.


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