A Review of Vocabulous You! An Interactive Guide to Building Vocabulary for Standardized Tests, College, On the Job and Everyday Life by Robin Kavanagh

 Product Description from amazon.com

Vocabulary, shmocabulary. Who needs it? The simple answer is you do.

Whether you’re looking at taking standardized exams to get into college, the military, graduate school, preparing to interview for a new job or even just generally interacting with different types of people, having a diverse vocabulary in your communication arsenal is invaluable. You can raise your scores, make a strong first impression and build relationships that will help you achieve the goals you want most in life – all by being able to deftly communicate your thoughts and ideas to others.

This e-book is designed to be an interactive tool that you can use to build your vocabulary in ways that make sense to you. Based on the three primary styles of learning and taking full advantage of the e-book format, this guide enables readers to customize their learning experience using the notes/annotation function of their e-readers.

This e-book was a quick, easy read and it gave very helpful tips on how anybody can expand their vocabulary. I love words-especially learning new ones and this book did not disappoint in that area. It's a very handy guide. 

Disclosure- I received a complimentary copy in exchange for a review.

Rating- 3 stars


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