You Ain't My Daddy

While sitting in the living room on a Thursday afternoon with the husband and grandfather we heard a knock at the door. My Dad was outside so I thought it might be him. So I yelled "Come on in the house!" The person still knocked so we all yelled "Come in!" The door opens but nobody comes into the living room so...thinking Dad had suddenly turned bashful I hollered "WOO HOO WOO HOO, WE'RE IN HERE!" The person came into the living room and I says to myself "That ain't my Daddy."

Nope, it was someone from Travelers' selling insurance. I'm sure he enjoyed the woo hooing. I should have said "You ain't my Daddy. Are you my Daddy?" I bet that would have got him out of the house real quick. Instead he started in on his spiel. The husband, with his deep manly voice said, "We're not interested." "But, you haven't..." Insurance Man said. "We're not interested, said Scott. "OK thanks for your time", Insurance Man stated.

Now I'm sure between Deep Voice husband and me with my woo hooing, rooster comb hair, purple robed and pink pajamed self the poor insurance man probably thought he had stepped into Southern Gothic...and made a note never to return to that street again.


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