Pliers and Whiskey

A while back I had a terrible toothache, the first toothache I've had in a long time. After a few days I finnnallly came to the conclusion that I needed to see a dentist. So... I made some calls to try to find one I could afford. Hah!

Dentist 1:

Me: Do you take monthly payments?
How much would it cost to pull a wisdom tooth?
$150 or more depending on what we have to do. But the dentist might not be able to do it and would have to send you to an oral surgeon.
Ok, thank you.

Doctor's office:

Me: Could you give me the number for the dentist's office.
We don't have a dentist now.
Thank you.

(Great now there's no dentist who takes sliding fee in the area now. Nice.)

Dentist 2: Do you all pull wisdom teeth?
No, but we could do an x-ray and then send you to an oral surgeon. The x-ray you would need costs $85.
Do you take monthly payments?
Ok, thank you.

Dentist 3:

Me: Does the dentist pull wisdom teeth?
It depends, he may have to send you to an oral surgeon.
Does he take monthly payments?
No, you have to pay after the procedure.
How much would it cost.
If it's a simple extraction it would be $196. If you needed stitches it would be $286.
Ok, thank you.

ARRGGGGH! Now if I was working and still was without health insurance I could afford the dentist but to I'm not and the husband is on a fixed income. So the paltry seeming amount of $85 is out of range for me.

Now a family member was nice enough to give me money to cover the cost of a dentist visit. But then a couple of days later it stopped hurting .Woo Hoo! I don't have to go to the dentist now.

Some family members almost gleefully asured me the tooth would start hurting again. But- I have a plan. It involves pliers and whiskey. I'll be good to go. Right?


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