Runaway Granny

As Mom and I were heading into our local Wal-mart a few days ago a lady riding a scooty chair came up to us. She asked Mom...
"Do you want this?" Mom replied with, "No, that's ok." The nice lady then told her to take it, she looked like she needed it and that's what the chairs were for. Mom kept saying no. The lady then appealed to me. "Tell her to take it," she exclaimed. I told her she wouldn't ride one.

"Go on take it." Mom then relented and said "OK." So she got on it, put on the gas or whatever you do to get the things going and went...backward. "Whoa!", she cried. She tried to go forward but yep went back again almost running into the one who tried to help her."WHOA WHOA!", she exclaimed again. So I did the helpful thing and stood there and giggled.

Hmmm, maybe she shouldn't ride the scooty chairs. I can see the headline now:

"GRANNY GOES ON JOYRIDE IN WAL-MART PARKING LOT. ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY RUNS WILD!"- Daughter tries to catch her but has no luck...proclaims forget this sh*t, I'm going inside and getting me a People Magazine.


  1. I admire you for caring for your grandmother. What a unique opportunity. I am very encouraged to see your uplifted spirits regarding your grandmother and yourself being a family caregiver. I lived with my grandmother for quite a few years and I just recently moved out because thankfully some of my aunts (my grandmas children) are moving close to her. I myself like to reflect upon the funny/corky moments I have experienced with my grandmother because they are so special & unique (the kind you can't get with friends or family of a similar age). I noticed you mentioned that you care for other relatives now and wanted to also tell you that our family got my grandmother one of those senior medical alert systems and it helped out a lot. I hope you have many more great & memorable experiences with the relatives you now care for. Continue to be positive as much and as often as you can. It is beneficial to you, your family loved ones who you care for, and your readers! Thanks for sharing Lisa! Take Care :)


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